Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Date 14 Jan 2012


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CAA to evaluate Australian Beechcraft safety notice

The CAA is to evaluate an Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority directive relating to certain models of Beechcraft aircraft for its applicability to New Zealand.

Beechcraft are light single-engine aircraft.

The Airworthiness Directive requires checks of the forward elevator cable on certain Beechcraft models and replacement of cables over 15 years old. It follows an event in Australia in which a cable snapped before take-off.

In New Zealand there are up to nine aircraft of this type.

The CAA will examine the background of the directive, and in particular compare the regular maintenance schedules required of these aircraft in New Zealand and Australia. If this examination concludes that the nine New Zealand aircraft are at risk, a New Zealand Airworthiness Directive will be issued.


Airworthiness Directives are issued by aviation regulatory authorities internationally to require urgent remedial maintenance to aircraft. All countries share Airworthiness Directives and other safety bulletins, and consider them for local applicability. Differences in maintenance requirements and age of aircraft, as well as the circumstances surrounding the issue of an Airworthiness Directive vary from country to country, and risks may not automatically apply internationally.

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