Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Date 01 December 2011


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CAA to investigate helicopter accident at Karikari

CAA Safety Investigators Colin Grounsell and Paul Breuilly are on their way to the scene of a helicopter accident at Karikari. They will be joined by CAA Aviation Safety Adviser John Keyzer.

The Squirrel helicopter ZK-IMB, believed to have had two people on board,  was found in seven metres of water about 300m off Moana Bay on the Karikari peninsula, Northeast of Kerikeri.        The wreckage was discovered early this morning after an overnight search coordinated by the Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand.

Police have control of the scene. A police dive team is heading to the scene from Auckland and will video the wreckage under water before any elements are removed.

Further information can be expected early this afternoon.

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