Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Date 04 Nov 2011


For further information contact Senior Communications Adviser
Emma Peel

Tel: 04 560 9646, or 027 272 3545


Media contact change

From Monday 7 November Senior Communications Adviser Emma Peel will be the Civil Aviation Authority’s initial point of contact for media queries. Emma takes over as initial contact in support of Manager Communications Bill Sommer who you will know well.

Emma has worked with the CAA’s Safety Education team for several years, and is able to quickly identify which technical experts within the CAA are best suited to answer your queries. Emma has a solid understanding of New Zealand’s civil aviation system, and herself holds a Private Pilot Licence.

Emma’s aim will be to get you access to specialists within the CAA who can answer your queries in detail. Emma will also facilitate your access to the Director of Civil Aviation Steve Douglas, or will pass on comment on his behalf. 

How the civil aviation system works in New Zealand (PDF)