Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
29 June 2010


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Bill Sommer
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CAA Committed to Correcting Problems Identified by OAG

The Civil Aviation Authority is committed to correcting the problems in its surveillance processes identified by the Office of the Auditor General.

“The Authority accepts the recommendations made by the Office of the Auditor General, and a programme of fixes has already been put in place”, says Authority Chairman Rick Bettle.

“This work will be carried through to completion.

“The CAA started this work after similar recommendations were made in the past, but the complete range of changes were not implemented. This will not happen again.

“New Zealand has an international reputation for its very safe civil aviation system. It has one of the better international records for passenger air transport.

“There have been no fatal air transport operation accidents involving fare paying passengers for five years,” Mr Bettle says.

“When the International Civil Aviation Organisation examined the CAA’s surveillance systems as part of its world-wide audit of civil aviation authorities, it found that the CAA has good, sound systems, resulting in a score of 9/10 for critical elements in its audit.

“The OAG report points to areas where the CAA can improve its performance, in order to make flying even safer. The Authority is committed to this work.”