Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Date 25 Nov 2011


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Flight Instructor Guide goes live today

The Flight Instructor Guide, which includes 32 flight briefings from pre-solo to advanced, goes live on the CAA web site today.

The guide has been completely reviewed, reordered, and reproduced in a new user-friendly format that allows instructors to download individual briefings, just the whiteboard layouts, just the diagrams, or the whole guide at once.

Instructors can also order a ring-bound, full colour version as well.

CAA Training Standard Development Officer Carlton Campbell says the new version has been designed to allow flight instructors to train pilots using modern training aids.

“The guide has been reviewed to improve consistency, and also now includes the new terrain awareness and basic mountain flying syllabuses.”

“The diagram-only option, allows training organisations to create their own tailored brefings.”

Click here to view the revised Flight Instructor Guide.

How the civil aviation system works in New Zealand (PDF)