Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Date 24 Nov 2011


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Background: Helicopter accident at Auckland’s Viaduct Basin

Helisika Agricultural Ltd was carrying out an operation yesterday morning under Part 133 Helicopter External Load Operations of the Civil Aviation Rules.

Under the rule, the company is not required to seek prior approval from the CAA to carry out lifting work, but if the work is to be done in congested areas, prior planning is required, including:

  • A thorough risk identification and mitigation process.
  • Charts depicting flight routes and altitudes.
  • A means of avoiding obstruction.
  • Details of actions to be taken in the event of a serious malfunction of the helicopter.
  • Notification to the local territorial authority (Auckland City Council) of the planned work.
  • Public notice of the operation.
  • A means of segregating members of the public from the area of operation, unless the person is essential to the operations and has been briefed about the normal and emergency procedures to be followed.
  • Two-way communications with the ground.
  • Compliance with any requirements or conditions stipulated by the local authority.

The operator’s compliance with these requirements will form part of the CAA investigation, which is ongoing. The CAA intends to publish its report on this accident within four weeks, however it will not be commenting further on the investigation as it unfolds.

How the civil aviation system works in New Zealand (PDF)