Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Date 28 Oct 2011


For further information contact:
Emma Peel, Spokesperson,
Tel: 027 272 3545


Adventure Aviation Seminar in Hamilton

Passenger-carrying hot air balloons, hang gliders, tandem parachutes, and paragliders have just six months to meet rigorous safety standards or stop operating. Businesses using microlights, aerobatic flights, warbirds and gliders are also affected.

The Civil Aviation Authority is holding a free seminar in Wellington to support companies that wish to operate adventure aviation businesses.

The new Civil Aviation Rule Part 115 Adventure Aviation – Certification and Operations comes into effect on 10 November, which means all commercial adventure aviation businesses must meet strict safety standards and apply for an operating certificate granted by the Director of Civil Aviation. Under the new rule, these activities must have similar safety standards and practices as small airlines.

There is a transition period for existing businesses, but the highest risk operations – hot air balloon, hang glider, paraglider, tandem parachute, and parachute drop aircraft – must be certificated within six months. Microlight operations have 12 months, and gliding operations have 18 months.

The CAA is inviting all adventure aviation businesses to seminars to learn what’s involved in certification and how best to get it done.

The Hamilton seminar will be held on Friday, 4 November, 12:30 to 3 pm, at the Ibis Hotel.

All current and prospective adventure aviation businesses are invited to intend. Media are welcome.