Aviation Community Advisory Group (ACAG)

ACAG is a representative industry body that provides advice to the CAA on issues affecting aviation safety and the aviation operating environment. ACAG functions include:

  • Identification of regulatory issues that need to be addressed
  • Advice on issue priorities
  • Technical expertise and input during the issue assessment process
  • Advice on implementation of both regulatory and non-regulatory options and solutions to issues.

The ACAG membership reflects the range of interests in the aviation community and includes both permanent members provided by representative organisations and elected members from the aviation community.

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Minutes - Joint ACAG / CAA Meetings

Mar 2018 (PDF 39 KB)    
Mar 2017 (PDF 45 KB) Jul 2017 (PDF 54 KB) Nov 2017 (PDF 52 KB)
Jul 2015 Nov 2015  (PDF 37 KB) Jul 2016
Jul 2014 Nov 2014 Mar 2015
Jun 2013 Nov 2013 Mar 2014

Earlier ACAG Minutes