Draft Advisory Circulars

Draft Advisory Circulars Open for Comment

AC43-9 (draft revision 4) Modifications, Repairs and the Form CAA 337 (PDF 205 KB)

Revision 4 adds guidance on approved model list (AML) supplemental type certificates (STCs) under Section B of this advisory circular, and updates the title of Appendix A of this advisory circular.

Comments close 21 Sep 2018

Please forward comments to:

Greg Baum
Airworthiness Engineer(Product Certification)

Draft Advisory Circulars Closed for Comment

AC43-14 (draft revision 5) Avionics, Installations: Acceptable Technical Data (PDF 480 KB)

Comments closed 30 Apr 2018

 AC43-11 (draft revision 3) Aircraft Emergency Locator Systems (PDF 76 KB)

Comments closed 30 Apr 2018

 AC139-8 (draft revision 3) Aerodrome Design: Heliports (PDF 767 KB)

 Comments closed 16 Mar 2018

 AC19-1 (draft revision 1) Test Pilot Approvals (PDF 243 KB)

Comments closed 22 Feb 2018