Draft Advisory Circulars

Draft Advisory Circulars Open for Comment

AC43-1 (draft Revision 5) Aircraft Maintenance (PDF 428 KB)

Comments extended to 16 Sept 2019

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Jonathan Mayne
Team Leader Airworthiness General Aviation

Draft Advisory Circulars Closed for Comment

AC91-22 (draft Revision 2) Aircraft Refuelling and Defueling—Fire Prevention and Safety Guidance Measures (PDF 1.4 MB)

This advisory circular provides guidance material about fire prevention measures in respect of aircraft fuelling and safety measures to be observed by a person involved in fuelling (or defueling) an aircraft.

It is intended for general information, and does not override those procedures developed by recognised and certificated fuel company suppliers.

Comments closed 22 May 2019

Brendan Odell
Airworthiness Inspector

AC91-9 & AC172-1 (draft Revision 13) Radiotelephony Manual (PDF 2.6 MB)

Revision 13 updates the Radiotelephony Manual with recent ICAO phraseology changes. Also included in the revision are updates to aircraft types and procedures applicable to the current environment, as well as corrections of historical errors for continued alignment with ICAO phraseology.

The draft has now being updated to incorporate an additional note regarding an amendment made to Revision 11 on 2 March 2017.

Comments closed 21 May 2019

Kate Madden
Aeronautical Services Officer
Aeronautical Services

AC92-2 (draft Revision 2) Carriage of Dangerous Goods on Domestic VFR Flights in Unpressurised Aircraft not exceeding 5700 kg MCTOW (PDF 376 KB)

Revision 2 updates the dangerous goods items that are acceptable to carry by passengers on board for recreational or sporting activities; list of substance by class or division and examples of items; and emergency procedure to include the appropriate ATS unit in the communication of any dangerous goods on board.

Comments closed 12 Apr 2019

Kate Madden
Aeronautical Services Officer
Aeronautical Services

AC43-14 (draft Revision 5.1) Standard Design Changes: Acceptable Technical Data (PDF 1.4 MB)

Comments closed 08 Apr 2019