Part 26 - Additional Airworthiness Requirements

This compilation of the above Civil Aviation Rule was made by the Civil Aviation Authority as a reference document to provide details of the current rule requirements. It is not the official version of the Rule and should only be used as a reference document. It does not contain the statement specifying the Rule Objective, and the Extent of Consultation.

Rule brief

The purpose of Part 26 is to prescribe the additional airworthiness requirements to be met for the issue of aircraft certification documents to allow an aircraft’s use in the New Zealand aviation environment.

The approach is to apply the fundamental principle that aircraft should meet a defined set of requirements relating to their intended use that assure their airworthiness and the safety of their occupants. The defined set of requirements apply at the time of airworthiness certification of an aircraft and replace some requirements of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1953 and the New Zealand Civil Airworthiness Requirements.

Part 26 can be also considered to apply those airworthiness requirements retroactively. These requirements ensure that even older aircraft meet the latest standards in certain areas, primarily those areas of passenger safety. Additional standards will only be specified when a significant improvement in safety can be determined.

Part 26 covers the following types of airworthiness requirements relating specifically to those not covered in type certification:

  • Updated (retroactive) standards: Those standards that fully or partly cover standards considered necessary to maintain adequate safety for previously type certificated aircraft.