Part 43 - General Maintenance Rules

This compilation of the above Civil Aviation Rule was made by the Civil Aviation Authority as a reference document to provide details of the current rule requirements. It is not the official version of the Rule and should only be used as a reference document. It does not contain the statement specifying the Rule Objective, and the Extent of Consultation.

Rule Brief

The objective of Part 43 is to establish, for all aircraft, the minimum standard of maintenance considered necessary to ensure the continued validity of their Airworthiness Certificate. The rule will also ensure that all aircraft are maintained to a standard that assures safe operation. Part 43 provides the details for the inspections required to be completed in accordance with Part 91, General operating and Flight Rules.

This is achieved by prescribing—

  • the minimum standard of maintenance required for aircraft; and
  • the minimum standards for the performance of maintenance; and
  • the persons who may certify maintenance; and
  • the manner in which maintenance is to be recorded and certified.

Part 43 clarifies and simplifies the previous maintenance requirements for aircraft. Part 43 makes industry, rather than the CAA, responsible for ensuring aircraft conformity. It is in harmony with Part 43 of the United States of America's Federal Aviation Regulations.