Part 77 - Objects and Activities Affecting Navigable Airspace

This compilation of the above Civil Aviation Rule was made by the Civil Aviation Authority as a reference document to provide details of the current rule requirements. It is not the official version of the Rule and should only be used as a reference document. It does not contain the statement specifying the Rule Objective, and the Extent of Consultation.

Rule brief

The objective of Part 77 is to ensure that the Director -

  1. is notified of objects and activities which can affect Navigable Airspace; and
  2. carries out an aeronautical study and, according to laid down standards, makes a determination as to whether -
    1. marking or lighting is required; or
    2. the aviation industry needs to be given prior notification of the activity.

Part 77 contains the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standard on the marking of obstructions except for the marking of overhead lines. Preliminary investigative work regarding the line marking issue is being done to determine a set of criteria that could be used to assess whether a line needs to be marked or not. Recommendations will then be made to all interested/affected parties by way of another NPRM (Notice of Proposed Rule Making) dealing specifically with the marking of hazardous lines. This process is likely to take some time and, so as to not hold up the rest of the rule, all reference to the marking of lines has been removed from Part 77 for the time being.