Part 92 - Carriage of Dangerous Goods

This compilation of the above Civil Aviation Rule was made by the Civil Aviation Authority as a reference document to provide details of the current rule requirements. It is not the official version of the Rule and should only be used as a reference document. It does not contain the statement specifying the Rule Objective, and the Extent of Consultation.

Rule brief

Part 92 prescribes the minimum safety requirements applicable to each person who conducts any function associated with the carriage of dangerous good by air. Part 92 includes the packaging, marking, and labelling requirements of dangerous goods and the operators training and operating responsibilities.

Dangerous goods covered by the Part include –

  • explosive substances and articles
  • compressed, liquefied, soluble, refrigerated, and mixed gases
  • aerosols and articles charged with gas
  • tellurium hexaflouride
  • flammable liquids
  • readily combustible solids
  • self reactive, spontaneous ignition, and water reactive substances
  • oxygen yielding substances
  • substances that may cause injury if swallowed, inhaled, or touched
  • articles with a specific activity greater than 70 kBq/kg
  • articles that, if leaking, would cause damage to living tissue