Pending Rules

Pending rules have been signed by the Minister of Transport and will come into force on the prescribed date.

ICAO Alignment Rule Amendments

The objective of the ICAO Alignment Rule Amendments is to update the civil aviation rules so that they better align with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) contained in the annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation 1944 (the Convention). As a signatory to the Convention and a member state of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), New Zealand has an obligation to consider and where appropriate, give effect to the ICAO SARPs.

These amendments come into force 10 May 2019.

Part 91 General and Operating Rules - Amendment 31 (PDF 80 KB)

Part 121 Air Operations - Large Aeroplanes - Amendment 31 (PDF 87 KB)

Part 125 Air Operations - Medium Aeroplanes - Amendment 23 (PDF 118 KB)

Part 129 Foreign Air Transport Operator - Certification - Amendment 9 (PDF 74 KB)

Part 135 Air Operations - Helicopters and Small Aeroplanes - Amendment 24 (PDF 74 KB)