Aerodromes are published in the AIP New Zealand, Vol 4. Placing your aerodrome information in the AIP New Zealand, Vol 4 is voluntary for non-certificated aerodromes. This is recommended as it makes the information available to all pilots who may use your aerodrome. All aerodromes in the AIP New Zealand, Vol 4 will also be shown on the applicable aeronautical charts. You may specify whether the aerodrome is for public use or private use. Private use means available only with the prior agreement of the aerodrome operator.

Non-certificated aerodromes may be published on aeronautical charts even if they are not published in the AIP New Zealand in order to improve pilot situational awareness or for use as an emergency aerodrome. If you wish to have your aerodrome published only on the aeronautical charts contact

The AIP New Zealand is published on behalf of the CAA by Aeronautical Information Management AIM, a business unit of Airways New Zealand. Guidance material for publishing information for aerodrome operators is available at:

When including your aerodrome in the AIP New Zealand, Vol 4, AIM will assign your aerodrome a location indicator. This location indicator is a four-letter code with NZ being the first two letters, and the remaining two letters identifying the name of the aerodrome, for example Wellington is NZWN. A listing of those location indicators already assigned is available in the Air Navigation Register.

In order to be published in the AIP New Zealand, Vol 4 the aerodrome operator must comply with the supply of data and information requirements. These are detailed in the Advisory Circular:

AC139-9 Notification of aerodrome data and information.

Any changes to that information which may affect operations at the aerodrome must be promulgated by NOTAM. An aerodrome operator must designate a person who is authorised to submit NOTAMs. You can submit a NOTAM through the Airways IFIS web site, or contact the NOTAM office.

Contact Information

Aeronautical Information Management
Airways New Zealand
P O Box 294
Tel: 0800 500 045
Fax: 0800 686 867

NOTAM Office
Airways New Zealand
P O Box 14 131
Tel: 03 358 1688
Fax: 03 358 9192