Other Safety Promotion Products

Email info@caa.govt.nz for a free copy of these products.

Cover of Promoting Aviation Safety and Security brochure

Promoting Aviation Safety and Security (PDF 235 KB)

This brochure briefly explains the role of the Civil Aviation Authority

Revised Jan 2018

Cover of Flying with Control brochure

Flying with Control  (PDF 468 KB)

This brochure gives an overview of some of the rules about the operation of remote controlled aircraft, including drones. Retailers are encouraged to have these on display and to give them to their customers. Email info@caa.govt.nz for copies.

Revised Jul 2017

Cross-Country Checklist Cross-Country Checklist (PDF)
A6 pads 
Weather Card (PDF 151 KB)

A5 laminated card, hole-punched to fit in your AIP Vol 4.

Revised Aug 2017
VFR Met Minima Card VFR MET Minima Card (PDF 293 KB)

A5 card

Time in Your Tanks Fuel Card (PDF 150 KB)

A5 card

Revised Mar 2017

Fuel Conversion stickers
Jet A-1 (PDF 134 KB)

Revised Nov 2016