Airshow Safety

Major General (retired) Des Barker, the world-renowned author of the airshow organisers’ bible, Zero Error Margin, presented four seminars in January 2015.

"It was a chance to discuss the threats and challenges, and to identify the traps that exist for the aviation community. It’s was the perfect occasion to ask: ‘What is the best way to plan for the vast matrix of things that could go wrong at an airshow?’” says Des Barker.

Topics included:

  • Describing and understanding how highly trained professional individuals with carefully planned sequences can still make mistakes.
  • Assisting airshow organisers to manage the many anomalies while still providing a good visual and safe airshow.
  • The dynamics of energy loss in tumble manoeuvres.
  • Spectator enclosures and how safe they are.

Airshow Accident Review 2014 (970 KB)