Aviation Safety Officer Course

2019 courses to be announced soon.

An Aviation Safety Officer runs the safety programme in an organisation. Your organisation should have a properly administered and active safety programme.

Apart from the course content, you will also receive a comprehensive manual that you could adapt to suit your operation.

This is not an SMS course, but it is a step on the ladder towards SMS.

Topics Covered

  • Why have a Safety Programme?
  • Safety Business
  • Accident Prevention Concepts
  • Safety Officer Guide
  • Accident Reporting and Investigation
  • Risk Awareness
  • Risk Management & Hazard Identification
  • Attitudes, Situations and Accidents
  • Case Study – Helicopter Risk Management
  • Managing Your Programme
  • Road Safety Exercise
  • Safety Programme Problems

Who should attend?

If you are involved in commuter services, general aviation scenic operations, flight training, or sport aviation, this course is relevant for your organisation. Note: Only two places have been allocated for student pilots.

Course fee

There is no course fee. Accommodation and travel costs are your responsibility, but morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided.

Course enquiries

Kirsten Stevenson
Safety Promotion Administrator
Email:  kirsten.stevenson@caa.govt.nz
Tel: +64 4 560 9623