<% 'Validate parameters, up to 3 characters Mark = RegExResults(Request.QueryString("Mark"), "(^[a-zA-Z]{1,3})|(?:[\s\S])", "$1") if Mark > "" Then %><% cmd.CommandText = "dbo.getAirReg_By_Mark" cmd.CommandType = 4 'adCmdStoredProc cmd.Parameters.append cmd.createParameter("@Filter", 200 , 1, 3, Mark) 'Execute the stored procedure Set RS = cmd.Execute If Not RS.EOF Then%>

Aircraft Registration Mark Query

The link on the registration mark will take you to the aircraft history. For more information, see Aircraft History Enquiries

Man. Model Serial No MCTOW
Aircraft Class Flight Manual Name And Address Mode S Code
"><%=RS("Registration_Mark")%> <%=RS("ManfModel")%> <%=RS("Serial_Number")%> <%=RS("MCTOW")%> <%=RS("Aircraft_Classification")%> <%if RS("Flight_Manual") > 0 Then%>Air No. "><%=RS("Flight_Manual")%> <%Else%>None<%end If%> <%=RS("NameAndAddress")%> 110010000
HEX C8<%=RS("HexCode")%>

Error Registration Mark "<%=Mark%>" does not exist!

<%End If RS.Close Conn.Close Else %>

Error Registration Mark does not exist!

<%End If%>

The Mode S Transponder Code for this particular aircraft is shown on the right:

  • First line shows the binary country code for New Zealand.
  • Second line shows the unique binary aircraft code.
  • Third line shows the equivalent hexadecimal code.

For more information, see Mode S Transponder Code