Accident Brief, Occurrence # 14/468

Occurrence No 14/468 Nature of Flight Private other
Aircraft Model Druine Turbulent Ultra Light Pilot License Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane)
Date and Time 05 Feb 14 at 18:36 Pilot Age 56
Location Te Awamutu Flying Hours (Total) 2000
POB 1 Flying Hours (on Type) 50
Injuries (Fatal) 0 Last 90 Days 0
Injuries (Serious) 0 TAIC Ref
Injuries (Minor) 0 Publishing Ref Vector Jul/Aug 2016
Damage Substantial Date Published


The afternoon's flight was the pilot's third flight of the day from their own airstrip. The takeoff was normal to about 100 ft when the engine suddenly returned to idle. The pilot landed the aircraft straight ahead and level. The aircraft landed heavily and broke up on impact injuring the pilot's back and covering his legs in fuel. The pilot was able to get out of the aircraft prior to the first responder's arrival. The aircraft was powered by a Volkswagon engine which had an unusual throttle linkage system that failed. The cable to the carbuettor broke and that allowed the engine to go to idle power. A superior design suggested by the pilot was to have a simple push pull cable with a light spring to retain a full throttle setting.