Accident Brief, Occurrence # 14/6012

Occurrence No 14/6012 Nature of Flight Private other
Aircraft Model Rans S-6 ES (XL) Pilot License
Date and Time 20 Dec 14 at 15:12 Pilot Age 72
Location Papakaio Flying Hours (Total) 0
POB 1 Flying Hours (on Type) 0
Injuries (Fatal) 0 Last 90 Days 0
Injuries (Serious) 0 TAIC Ref
Injuries (Minor) 1 Publishing Ref Vector 2017-1
Damage Substantial Date Published


A total engine power loss occurred while in the cruise. During the subsequent forced landing, the aircraft ran into a stand of trees causing substantial damage to the aircraft and minor injury to the pilot. Disassembly of the reduction gearbox found that the bolt securing the primary reduction gear attached to the crankshaft had worked loose. This had allowed the drive splines to wear causing a loss of drive between the engine and propeller.