Accident Brief, Occurrence # 15/6180

Occurrence No 15/6180 Nature of Flight PRIVATE OTHER
Aircraft Model Tecnam P2004 Bravo Pilot License
Date and Time 27 Dec 15 at 12:45 Pilot Age 0
Location Raglan Flying Hours (Total) 182
POB 2 Flying Hours (on Type) 104
Injuries (Fatal) 0 Last 90 Days 5
Injuries (Serious) 0 TAIC Ref
Injuries (Minor) 0 Publishing Ref Vector Sep/Oct 2016
Damage Date Published


The aircraft experienced sudden sink crossing the fence, resulting in a heavy landing and a go-around. A safe landing was made on a second attempt. At the end of the landing roll, the aircraft was difficult to turn and leaning to the left side. Damage to the left main landing gear was noticed, and a borrowed part fitted. The operator consulted the OEM manual and the aircraft was thoroughly tested and ground run before being flown back to Parakai. The nose gear part of the combined engine/nose gear mounting was subsequently replaced.