CAA Aircraft Register

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Reg Mark Man. Model Serial No MCTOW (kg) Name And Address
17K Ozone Magnum MAG41-L-22D-070 0 Laguna Inc Limited 752 Malaghans Road RD 1 Queenstown 9371
18P Ozone Magnum MAG41-40B-003 0 Parapro Limited PO Box 160 Lyttelton Lyttelton 8841
18U Ozone Magnum K-50B-035 0 Wanaka Paragliding PO BOX 118 Wanaka Wanaka 9343
20P Ozone Magnum MAG41-L-27C-034 0 Skytrek Tandems Limited 47 Woodstock Road LAKE HAYES Queenstown 9304