CAA Aircraft Register

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Reg Mark Man. Model Serial No MCTOW (kg) Name And Address
DWR Maule M-5-235C 7234C 1043 Pegasus Aviation 320 Cones Road RD 2 Rangiora 7472
ELZ Maule M-5-235C 7199C 1043 D M Handyside 201 Conway Flat Road RD 4 Cheviot 7384
JDT Maule M-5-235C 7054C 1043 M W Belfield 3 Kinross Place Strathmore Tokoroa 3420
JQI Maule M-5-235C 7004C 1043 S A Telford PO Box 312 Wanaka 9343
LJA Maule M-5-235C 7258C 1043 D C Cochrane Private Bag 9005 Wanaka Wanaka 9343
MSM Maule M-5-235C 7175C 1043 D C Leach 62 Foxdown Road RD 3 Amberley 7483
WGW Maule M-5-235C 7353C 1043 Arnold Mining Limited 23 Ewing Place ALBERT TOWN Wanaka 9305