CAA Aircraft Register

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Reg Mark Man. Model Serial No MCTOW (kg) Name And Address
EES Pitts S-1 Special AACA/28 521 D C Brown 5 Farnham Place Bell Block New Plymouth 4312
EEU Pitts S-1 Special AACA/24 521 Southern Pitts Syndicate 205 Taylor Pass Road WITHERLEA Blenheim 7201
JFD Pitts S-1 Special SS-102 467 C J Petry 1137 Motueka Valley Highway RD 1 Motueka 7196
JNW Pitts S-1 Special DMS-1 521 D F R McMillan Te Iringa Road RD 1 Kaikohe 0474
RTP Pitts S-1 Special AACA/716 521 B F J Sims 650 Ponga Road RD 4 Papakura 2584