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Adventure Aviation (Part 115)

List of Part 115 Certificated Organisations

List of Part 149 Certificated Organisations

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) - previously referred to as UAV and UAS

Part 21 - Aircraft Certification, including forms

Recreational Pilot Licence

Part 61 Pilot Licences and Ratings - Recreational Pilot Licence and
Advisory Circular AC 61-20 - Pilot Licences and Ratings - Recreational Pilot Licence

Advisory Circular AC 61-20 provides further information for those persons wishing to obtain a Recreational Pilot Licence and will assist you to complete the application form.

Further Information:


AC61-3 Pilot Licences and Ratings— Private Pilot Licence  (PDF 660 KB) - For information on cross-crediting
AC103-1 Microlight Aircraft—Operating Rules (PDF 82 KB)

Amateur-built Aircraft

Thumbnail of Building an Amateur-Built Aircraft info sheetBuilding an Amateur-built Aircraft (PDF 76 KB)

This info sheet (a PDF for easy printing) steps you through the process of building and certifying an amateur-built aircraft. It has links to the various CAA forms you will require.

Expressions of Interest Invited - Ballooning

Guidance material is currently being developed for inclusion in a new Advisory Circular (AC) that is designed to assist pilots of hot air balloons comply with the general operating and flight rules contained in Part 91.

Hot air balloon pilots who are current and operating regularly, are invited to contact Mac Mccarthy, Flight Operations Inspector, to register their interest in assisting with the development of the document by reviewing draft material.

Vector Magazine and Part 149 Pilot/Parachutist Certificate Holders

The CAA is keen to deliver safety messages to everyone flying, but people with Pilot/Parachutist Certificates issued by an organisation certificated under Part 149 do not currently receive Vector magazine. This is because those certificate holders are not entered on the CAA database, the source for mailing Vector.

If you hold such a certificate, we want to offer you a free subscription to Vector. Simply fill in the form below, or send us the details by email - we'll give you a CAA client number but there will not be a charge for the subscription.

Please remember to tell us when you change address.

  • Form 24149-02 Request for Vector subscription for non-licensed aviation participants (Word 238 KB)

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