Legislative References

Civil Aviation Act 1990

The following references to the Civil Aviation Act 1990 contain most of the legislation that is applicable to this document and that is relevant to CAA’s surveillance function.

Section 15.       Director may require or carry out safety and security inspections and monitoring.

Section 15A     Power of Director to investigate holder of an aviation document

Section 24.       General power of entry.

Section 44A.    Failure to comply with inspection or monitoring request.

Section 49.       Communicating false information or failing to disclose information relevant to granting or holding of aviation document.

Section 50.       Obstruction of persons duly authorised by Director.

Section 50A.    Failure or refusal to produce or surrender documents.

Section 56.       Communicating false information affecting safety.

Section 72B.    Functions of Authority.

Section 72I.      Director of Civil Aviation.

Other Applicable Acts and References

There are other statutes and legal principles that affect either what information may be gathered in the course of CAA surveillance or how it may be considered and used.  These include the following:

The Crimes Act 1961

Part 9A:   Interception or disclosure of private communications.

The Privacy Act 1993

Application of Information Privacy Principles (IPP).

Natural Justice Provisions

Exercise of power reasonably and fairly.

CAA Policies

CAA Safety Policy

Surveillance Policy

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