CAA Surveillance

Why a Change to the System?

Various CAA internal reviews and recommendations by the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) identified that the efficiency and effectiveness of the CAA's surveillance processes needed to be improved. The OAG also said surveillance should be risk-based, and that the CAA's certification process needed to be more consistently applied, and better documented.

The CAA initially responded by developing three major projects to improve the integration, consistency and effectiveness of the certification and surveillance functions.

Surveillance Project

Begun in late 2004, the Surveillance project focused on increasing the productivity of CAA auditors, streamlining processes and improving the quality of information obtained from surveillance activities.

Risk Assessment and Intervention Project

Begun in 2005, the Risk Assessment and Intervention project focused on enhancing the way the CAA assessed the risk to safety posed by each aviation participant.

Certification Project

Begun in 2005, the Certification project involved the design, development and implementation of enhanced certification procedures to ensure a consistent and thorough process.

The surveillance system was again updated in 2012 in an effort to provide further improvements in its efficiency and effectiveness. These changes have resulted in:

  • A more streamlined and efficient workflow process
  • An enhanced risk profiling process
  • Audits that are more focussed on the areas of higher risk within an organisation
  • A change to the format of the audit report.