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Safety Targets for the Year 2010

In 2004 the CAA began the process of deciding safety targets for New Zealand aviation for the year 2010.

The main issues are:

  • How should we measure safety?
  • What levels of safety should we aim to achieve?

Feedback from the Consultation Process

Aviation community consultation is vital to this project and an open invitation to join the consultation process was posted on this web site. The consultation period finished at the end of January and we have now posted our analysis of your input, see Safety Outcome Targets for the year 2010 – Aviation Community Consultation.

The CAA has used a commercial survey organisation to help gather views of passengers, people who hire aircraft for personal use, and members of the wider New Zealand community who may be affected by aviation risk. In addition the CAA has written to organisations believed likely to wish to express their views on the subject. See Civil Aviation Safety Within New Zealand – Colmar Brunton.

Documents about Target Setting