Mountain Flying DVD

Mountain Flying DVD CoverMountain flying is a fantastic experience, but to do it safely and enjoyably you need the right knowledge, training, and experience behind you.

This DVD will help pilots visualise essential mountain flying concepts before they begin training with an appropriately qualified instructor.

Filmed in the Wanaka, Queenstown, and Milford Sound areas, and packed full of spectacular air-to-air and in-cockpit footage, this DVD shows you actual mountain flying, as it is happening, from multiple perspectives.

The DVD has two sections, one specifically for fixed wing pilots, and the other tailored for helicopter pilots. Within each section, the DVD is divided into modules. Six modules are common to both the fixed wing and helicopter sections, plus there are five specific modules for helicopter pilots and five specific modules for fixed wing pilots.

Mountain Flying DVD Menu

Mountain Flying DVD Menu

With just under 60 percent of New Zealand’s terrain considered mountainous, it’s essential that all pilots learn, practice, and develop their mountain flying skills – so get your hands on a copy today.

Mountain Flying was produced by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.

Copies can be loaned from the CAA library for free, email, giving your name, postal address, a contact phone number, and the title "Mountain Flying". Please remember to return the DVD no later than one week after receiving it.

You can order copies online from Video New Zealand, or use the details below:

Video New Zealand
42 Cypress Drive
Lower Hutt 5010
New Zealand
1 to 10 DVDs $35.78 each
Post and packing $11.22 for each order.
(Prices include GST.)

Please state if you want an NTSC version (otherwise a PAL version will be sent).

For bulk orders or overseas postage costs, please contact Video NZ.

Further Information on the CAA Web Site