Safety_Around_Helicopters_cover_small.jpSafety Around Helicopters DVD

This video provides general safety information for anyone who may operate around helicopters. It is divided into modules so you can view the information relevant to your activity or occupation.

The first module, Introduction, should be viewed by everyone. This shows how a helicopter flies, what the pilot does, and best practice for approaching a helicopter and using the doors and seat belts.

The specific modules are:

Going Bush
Requirements for the safe transport of trampers and hunters and an emergency retrieval are shown.

The Mountains
The safety briefing, and procedures for embarking and disembarking, are shown in the transporting of skiers and snowboarders.

This module shows how to prepare a building site for the use of a helicopter, including checking for wires, securing loose articles, etc.

All at Sea
The preparation and methods for a safe retrieval off a yacht are shown.

Corporate & Tourism
Passenger briefings vary with machine and destination ­ several examples are shown.

Rescue on the Land
An injured farmhand in a remote area is rescued by helicopter. This module shows how to choose and set up a landing site, with examples in both daylight and at night.

There is also a module on Helicopter Identification.

Preview Safety Around Helicopters here (3 Mb MPEG file – requires a compatible media player)

Safety Around Helicopters was produced by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand and Video New Zealand.

Copies can be loaned from the CAA library for free, email, giving your name, postal address, a contact phone number, and the title "Safety Around Helicopters". Please remember to return the DVD no later than one week after receiving it.

You can order copies online from Video New Zealand, or use the details below:

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