Draft Advisory Circulars

Draft Advisory Circulars Open for Comment

Draft Advisory Circular AC105-1 Revision 2 - Parachuting—Operating Rules (PDF 67 KB)

Revision 2 clarifies the responsibilities of the parachutist in rule 105.5.

Comments close 09 Jun 2017

Please forward comments to:
Greg Baum
Manager Special Flight Operations and Recreational Aviation
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Email: Greg.Baum@caa.govt.nz

Draft Advisory Circulars Closed for Comment

Draft Advisory Circular AC139-4 Revision 6 - Aerodrome Rescue and Firefighting (PDF 371 KB)

Revision 6 adds an example of a rescue and firefighting service (RFS) ‘response model’; and clarifies required actions when ‘initiating the rescue’.

Comments closed 12 Aug 2016

Draft Advisory Circular AC21-7 Revision 0 - Product Certification - Type Certificates (PDF 893 KB)

This is the initial issue of this advisory circular.

Comments closed 09 Aug 2016

Draft Advisory Circular AC21-8 (draft revision 1) Design Changes - Supplemental Type Certificate (PDF 456 KB)

Revision 1 updates and expands on the existing guidance. CAA now requires new STCs to be supplemental to aircraft type accepted or certificated in New Zealand. The PSCP (project specific certificate plan) template now includes a sample compliance checklist and is moved to a separate advisory circular appendix (AC21-8 Appendix A). The guidelines provided in this advisory circular are general in nature and intended to help applicants and design organisations gain a better understanding of the STC process including their respective roles and responsibilities.

Draft Advisory Circular AC21-8 Appendix A (draft revision 0) Project Specific Certification Plan Template (PDF 191 KB)

This is the initial issue of this advisory circular.

Comments closed 21 Jul 2016

Draft Advisory Circular AC139-6 Revision 5 - Aerodrome Design Requirements (PDF 6 MB) 
This version shows changes.

All Aeroplanes Conducting Air Transport Operations 
All Aeroplanes above 5700 kg MCTOW

Revision 5 incorporates changes in alignment with the current requirement of rule 139.51; updates the definition section; and makes minor edits.

Comments closed 11 Jul 2016

Draft Advisory Circular AC21-xx and AC91-xx Revision 0 - Electrical Load Analysis (PDF 264 KB)

This is the original issue

Comments closed 01 Jul 2016

Draft Advisory Circular AC139-4 revision 5 Aerodrome Rescue and Firefighting (PDF 327 KB)

Revision 5 makes significant changes to this advisory circular as follows:

  • updates to align with amendment 12 to Part 139
  • introduces an annual live hot fire training exercise
  • incorporates fitness and competency checks of participants prior to commencement of the annual live hot fire training exercise
  • adds option to review fitness levels during each operational shift.

Comments closed 26 Feb 2016

Draft Advisory Circular AC12-2 Occurrence Investigation Revision 1 (PDF 160 KB)

Revision 1 updates the title from Incident Investigation to Occurrence Investigation and content of this advisory circular to reflect industry best practice.

Comments closed 12 Feb 2016

Draft Advisory Circular AC115-2 - Adventure Aviation - Hot Air Balloon Operations
Draft Advisory Circular AC115-3 - Adventure Aviation - Parachute Drop-Aircraft Operations
Draft Advisory Circular AC115-7 - Adventue Aviation - Special Aircraft Operations
Draft Advisory Circular AC115-8 - Adventure Aviation - Microlight Aircraft Operations

These are the initial issues of these advisory circulars.

Comments closed 13 Nov 2015

 Your comments are invited for the review of the current Advisory Circular AC139-2 Aerodrome Certification Exposition. This follows Amendment 10 to Part 139.

How would you suggest the requirements are clarified in the AC?

Suggestions received will be reviewed, and any amendments will then receive further consultation through publishing a draft AC.

Comments closed 11 Nov 2015.

Draft Advisory Circular AC91-xx Inspection of Piston Engines for Calendar TBO Life Extension

This is the original issue.

The purpose of this advisory circular is to provide guidance for aircraft operators and maintenance providers, for the purpose of extending the published calendar TBO on piston engines in hire or reward operations.

Comments closed 02 Oct 2015

Draft Advisory Circular AC139-3 em>Aerodrome Inspection Programme and Condition Reporting Revision 4

Draft Advisory Circular AC139-5 Operational Safety During Works on Aerodromes Revision 2

Draft Advisory Circular AC139-13 Aerodrome Maintenance: Runway Surface Friction Characteristics and Friction Testing Revision 1

Draft Advisory Circular AC139-14 Aerodrome Certification - Aerodrome Emergency Plan Revision 1

This revision updates the content of advisory circulars AC139-3, AC139-5, AC139-13 and AC139-14, to align with Amendment 10 to Part 139, and makes editorial and formatting changes.

Comments closed 11 Sep 2015

 Draft Advisory Circular AC147-1 Maintenance Training Organisations - Certification

This Advisory Circular has been drafted to provide guidance in the certification process for maintenance training organisations.

Comments closed 07 Aug 2015.

The purpose of this rule-making proposal is to provide rules that assist the economic development of the aircraft maintenance training sector.

The proposed rules will introduce a new Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisations. The proposed rules are based on the requirements in the current Part 141 and the equivalent EASA Part 147. The intention behind this is that the proposed new Part 147 is internationally recognised and acceptable to the overseas market.

Draft Advisory Circular AC102-1 Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

This AC is being developed to provide advice on compliance with the rules to operators of unmanned aircraft under Part 101, and to provide guidance to applicants for an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate under Part 102.

Submissions closed 30 Jan 2015

Also, see the related NPRM:

NPRM 14-01 Part 102 Unmanned Aircraft Operator - Certification

Draft Advisory Circular AC139-7 Revision 5

Aerodrome Standards and Requirements - Aeroplanes operated under a Part 135 operating certificate or Part 91 non-air transport operations


This Advisory Circular provides guidance material for an operator of an aerodrome that is published in the AIPNZ and intended for use by:

  • aeroplanes operating under a Part 135 operating certificate; and/or
  • aeroplanes operating under Part 91 on non-air transport operations.

Related Rules:

This Advisory Circular relates specifically to Part 139, in particular to the proposed rule 139.15 Non-certificated aerodrome requirements, Part 91, in particular to rule 91.127 Use of aerodromes, and Part 135, in particular to 135.77 Use of aerodromes.

Comments closed 28 Apr 2014.

AC91-21 (draft revision) Rev 1, Performance Based Navigation (PBN) - Operational Approvals (PDF 1.3 MB)

This AC contains information on the equipment, procedure and training requirements that will enable performance based navigation in our airspace.

This revision is referenced as a key component of the Performance Based Navigation section of the draft National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan.

Consultation has been completed (comments closed 03 Feb 2014), and the next stage is to finalise the revision to the AC, which will happen in due course.

The CAA is working on PBN implementation as part of New Southern Sky.

AC121-5 Automated External Defibrillators - Part 121 - Comments close 21 June 2013

This Advisory Circular is being developed to support and guide airline operators in carrying out a risk assessment on the value of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for air operations.