ADs - Engines

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So remember the Airworthiness Directive Schedule is always the definitive list of the current Airworthiness Directives.

Lycoming Reciprocating Engines
AD Schedule Title FAA Type Certificate Number
Lycoming O-235 Series Engines E-223
Lycoming O-290 Series Engines E-229
Lycoming AEIO-320, IO-320 and LIO-320 Series Engines 1E12
Lycoming O-320 Series Engines E-274
Lycoming TVO-435 Series Engines 1E13
Lycoming VO-435 Series Engines E-279
Lycoming AEIO-360, HIO-360, IO-360 and LIO-360 Series Engines 1E10
Lycoming HO-360, LO-360 and O-360 Series Engines E-286
Lycoming IVO-360-A1A Engine and VO-360 Series Engines 1E1
Lycoming LTO-360 and TO-360 Series Engines E26EA
Lycoming TIO-360 Series Engines E16EA
Lycoming GO-480-G1A6 Engine E-275
Lycoming AEIO-540 and IO-540 Series Engines 1E4
Lycoming IGSO-540 Series Engines 1E7
Lycoming LTIO-540 and TIO-540 Series Engines E14EA
Lycoming O-540 Series Engines E-295
Lycoming VO-540 Series Engines E-304
Lycoming IO-720 Series Engines 1E15
Lycoming R-680-B4 Series Engines TC 108