How to Navigate Airworthiness Directives

The Airworthiness Directive Amendment Schedule can take you directly to the State of Design Airworthiness Directive. Here's how:

Open the latest Airworthiness Directive Amendment Schedule, or individual aircraft Airworthiness Directive Schedule (shown below).

Screen shot showing Airworthiness Directive Amendment Schedule

Double-click on the schedule you want. A preview opens (shown below). The preview view will not allow you to use the links to the State of Design ADs - to do this you need to 'open' the schedule. To open the schedule, double-click on the preview, or use the link on the top right of the screen. You can also download the schedule to your computer using the button at the bottom.

Screen shot showing how to download and open an Airworthiness Directive

Once you have the schedule open, you can use the links to the State of Design Airworthiness Directives (shown below).

Screen shot of Airworthiness Directive Schedule showing link

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