If you fly in controlled airspace, this proposal will apply to you.

As part of the New Southern Sky (NSS) programme, Airways is moving to Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B). The current secondary radar service will be replaced by ADS-B as the main source of surveillance information for separation of aircraft in controlled airspace.

The CAA proposed rule change would make ADS-B mandatory for all aircraft in controlled airspace below Flight Level 245 from 31 Dec 2021.

ADS-B policy discussion document (PDF 586 KB) - submissions closed 05 Apr 2019.

Submissions have closed on the ADS-B consultation. We will now consider the submissions and provide a summary of this information to the Minister of Transport. A final policy decision on the proposed 2021 ADS-B Mandate is likely to be made by Cabinet by mid-2019.

For more information on what is required to comply with the proposed mandate see the New Southern Sky website.

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Links for more information if you are considering equipping with ADS-B before the proposed mandate

For ADS-B equipment and performance standards in CAA Notice 91.258

For information on how to get ADS-B installed on your aircraft

About the benefits of ADS-B

For more information about installing ADS-B, or about ADS-B equipment, contact your LAME or

For information about the ADS-B policy in controlled airspace, email