Review of Joining Procedures at Uncontrolled Aerodromes

In 2013, the CAA commissioned an independent review on the question of air traffic procedures at unattended aerodromes to help inform its understanding of the appropriateness or otherwise of current practices. Aviation Safety Management Systems Ltd (ASMS) was contracted to conduct this review. The Terms of Reference for the review are below, along with the final report prepared by ASMS.

The report's contents and conclusions reflect those of ASMS and the various aviation community participants it interviewed. They should not be considered as representing formal CAA policy or views on the matters referred to.

In commissioning the review, the CAA was seeking to gain an understanding of aviation community practices and views on the question of how collision risk at unattended aerodromes can be most appropriately mitigated. The CAA recognises that individual aerodrome operating environments vary, and that in many cases the aviation sector has taken proactive and collaborative steps to mitigate collision risk, and that this work continues on an ongoing basis. It is also recognised that individual aerodrome use can change over time and that the aviation environment is dynamic and constantly evolving. Collectively, this means that appropriate risk mitigation measures can vary between aerodromes and over time. Acknowledging this, effective risk management practices and collaborative approaches to maintain and enhance safety are essential.

The CAA will be engaging with the aviation sector throughout 2014 on the report and its contents to help it identify any potential opportunities for aviation system safety improvement that may exist.

Uncontrolled Aerodromes Review Request For Proposal (PDF)

Review of Joining Procedures at Uncontrolled Aerodromes (PDF) (2 MB)