Links to State of Design Airworthiness Directives

The links below will take you to the Authority's web site where you can search on the aircraft type you are looking for. We cannot provide complete links because web sites change all the time.

State of Design NAA State of Design State of Design Web Site
Australia CASA
Austria EASA
Brazil ANAC
Czechoslovakia EASA
France EASA
Germany EASA
Italy EASA
Japan JCAB
Netherlands EASA
Poland EASA
Spain EASA
Sweden EASA
Switzerland EASA
United Kingdom UK CAA
United Kingdom EASA
United States of America FAA

Definition of Abbreviations

ANAC Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil
CASA  Australian Government Civil Aviation Safety Authority
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
ISRAEL CAA Israel Civil Aviation Authority
 JCAB Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau
TRANSPORT CANADA Transport Canada - Air Transport
UK CAA United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority