Aircraft Type Ratings

After sitting a flight test that requires a new licence to be issued, pilots can have additional aircraft type ratings added to their new licence for no extra charge. Applicants must include a completed licence amendment form CAA 24061/04, and photocopied evidence that the type rating has been issued and certified by a New Zealand flight instructor in the applicant's pilot logbook, along with their licence issue paperwork.

When pilots gain a type rating for a single-pilot aircraft type, after the initial issue of their licence, they are now requested to fill in a type rating form CAA 24061/13, and send this in to CAA so that the type rating can be added to their record in the CAA database.

Pilots who have done this will automatically have any new type ratings added to their licence, at no extra charge, when they upgrade it, for example from a PPL to a CPL, or if they gain an Instrument Rating. Prescribed issue fees for the licence or prime rating are still payable.

If pilots wish to have type ratings added to their licence as a separate exercise from a licence upgrade or prime rating issue, then a licence amendment fee will be charged.