Part 148 - Aircraft Manufacturing Organisations - Certification

This compilation of the above Civil Aviation Rule was made by the Civil Aviation Authority as a reference document to provide details of the current rule requirements. It is not the official version of the Rule and should only be used as a reference document. It does not contain the statement specifying the Rule Objective, and the Extent of Consultation.

Rule Brief

The objective of Part 148 is to provide for the certification of organisations in New Zealand to manufacture or carry out limited manufacturing tasks in the production of aircraft components. A limited manufacturing task includes any such task that contributes to the production of an aircraft component. For example, the heat treatment of parts for an aircraft being manufactured by an organisation certificated under Part 148.

The holder of a manufacturing certificate has the primary responsibility for controlling the manufacture of their products and parts. These products and parts must conform with the holder's type design requirements, their quality control data, and any applicable standards and procedures. Part 148 provides for the recognition of the organisations that produce these parts and their ability to certify the conformity of these items for use. To support its activities an organisation is required to provide an exposition that includes evidence of an internal quality assurance system, a production control system, staff information, and its proposed activities.

Part 148 adopts the standard layout for the rule parts relating to the certification of organisations. The layout prescribes specific requirements for the certification (entry standards), operation (continued operations), and safety audit (surveillance) of persons carrying out manufacturing activities.