Rule Projects in Progress

The CAA is contracted to develop the Civil Aviation Rules by the Ministry of Transport for the Minister. Under this contract the Minister of Transport approves a programme of new rules and changes to existing rules each year. Any ordinary rule changes are subject to the Minister of Transport's agreement.

This page is updated monthly to provide progress reports on the current CAA rule projects together with information on recent rule changes that have come into effect.

You can also find a list of current regulatory issues and how to raise your own issue with CAA’s regulatory system. 

If you have any queries regarding a rule project, please contact the CAA by emailing

2018-19 Rules Programme Tracker

Rules Programme Tracker

Current Rule Projects Progress Report

Rule Project Name and Reference Description and Purpose of Rule Current Status Next Milestone

ICAO Alignment 2017


The primary objective of this project is to update the CARs so that they better align with ICAO SARPs, without compromising aviation safety, and with minimal cost to the aviation industry, the travelling public, and government. This will address the findings from the 2006 ICAO audit, and avoid the implications for New Zealand registered operators and visiting foreign registered aircraft of non-alignment between the CARs and the ICAO SARPs.

NPRMs closed for submissions

Summary of submissions

Published summary of submissions 07 Feb 2019

Final rule package agreed with Ministry of Transport

Minister signs the rule

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers – Pt 66 Licences and Ratings


A review of the maintenance engineer licensing system in Part 66 to modernise that Part. This work seeks to address safety risks in a proportionate manner, and to make Part 66 resilient to future changes, particularly with new and emerging technological advances.

NPRMs open for submissions

NPRM published 15 Feb 2019

Consultation closes 29 Mar 2019

Omnibus 2017/18


These amendments cover issues related to abbreviations, definitions, terminology, referencing and formatting.

Drafting NPRM

Minister has accepted this rule project onto the Transport Rules Programme

Publish NPRM

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Medical Review

As a result of a public consultation conducted in 2017, the CAA has recommended the development of an alternative private pilot licence. The objective of the new proposed licence is to adopt a standard of medical certification for New Zealand private pilots that –

  • require a standard of medical fitness that is commensurate to the risk posed by private pilots, and;
  • is associated with costs that are commensurate to the risk posed by the sector.

In this regard, pilots will be required to obtain a medical certificate that meets the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) commercial driver licence with passenger endorsement standard.

The Minister has accepted this rule project onto Transport Rules Programme

Publish NPRM

Advisory Circulars Monthly Report

Advisory Circulars Monthly Report (PDF 110 KB)

Project Milestones

  1. Minister accepts rule project onto Transport Rules Programme
  2. Publish NPRM
  3. Consultation period closes
  4. Publish summary of public submissions
  5. Final rule package agreed with the Ministry of Transport
  6. Minister signs the rule
  7. Rules come into effect

Note: Older progress reports were published in the Civil Aviation Rules Register Information Leaflets (CARRIL) between 1999 and 2015.

Notice of Proposed Rule Making

Before a rule amendment or new rule is finalised, the CAA will consult on the proposed rule changes. The proposed changes are outlined in a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM).

You can have your say by submitting comments before the deadline. Each NPRM provides guidance on how to comment, and the deadline to submit your feedback.

After consultation, all comments are considered and the CAA will publish a Summary of Public Submissions under NPRMs Closed for Submissions.

The proposed rule may be reconsidered to take into account the submissions received. If necessary, the CAA may undertake further consultation with key groups before submitting a proposed rule to the Government.

NPRMs Open for Submissions

NPRMs Closed for Submissions

Current Petitions to Raise a Regulatory Issue

Work Request Petition Raised Date Received Status
18/ISS/10 Time restriction on viewing X-ray images 04 Sep 2017 To be assigned to an adviser
18/ISS/17 Rule 61.37 - re-sitting law if BFR over 5 yrs old 06 Dec 2017 Under assessment
18/ISS/18 AC61-20 & general review of Acs 20 Dec 2017 Under assessment
18/ISS/32 Number of issues under Part 65 19 Jun 2018 Under assessment
19/ISS/17 Radio controlled model aircraft sub category of RPAS 06 Nov 2018 Under assessment
19/ISS/20 Airline Passenger Briefings 10 Dec 2018 Under assessment

If you wish to raise a regulatory issue for assessment, that may progress to a rule change, please complete form 24011-01 (PDF 25 KB) and email it to

For more information about issue assessment see The Rule Development Process and Regulatory Policy.

Recently Completed CAA Rule Projects

Rule Project Name Description and Purpose of Rule Rules and Amendment Numbers Important Dates

Post Accident Emergency Location of Aircraft


A review of New Zealand’s domestic policy for emergency location of aircraft. This review considers options for addressing concerns with emergency location transmitters currently required for most aircraft to identify a performance-based, flexible approach to locating aircraft in emergency situations.

NPRM Closed for Submissions

Post Accident Emergency Location of Aircraft - Summary of Public Submissions (PDF 127 KB)

Part 1, Amendment 53
Part 43, Amendment 14
Part 91, Amendment 29
Part 115, Amendment 6
Part 121, Amendment 30
Part 129, Amendment 8


Rules signed 16 Apr 2018


Effective date 18 May 2018


New Southern Sky - Mandate ADSB


This project proposes using a performance-based rule to mandate transceivers for automatic dependent surveillance – broadcasts (ADS-B), initially for aircraft operating in controlled airspace above 24,500 ft (FL 245) and for all controlled airspace by the end of 2021. Aircraft using ADS-B constantly broadcast their position to other aircraft and air traffic controllers. ADS-B is scheduled to replace the current secondary surveillance radar system, which reaches the end of its life in 2021.

NPRM Closed for Submissions

Mandate ADS-B above FL245 – Summary of Public Submissions (PDF 132 KB)

Associate Minister of Transport signed the rules on 15 Jun 2018 Most rules came into effect 20 Jul 2018.
Part 101 amendment came into effect 31 Dec 2018.