Air Cargo

All international cargo must have security controls applied to it by an airline or a ‘Regulated Air Cargo Agent’.  If your organisation is involved in, or intends to commence, operations to move cargo (including mail) on international regular air transport passenger services, then your organisation will need to be certificated under Civil Aviation Rules, Part 109 Regulated Air Cargo Agent - Certification.

Certification is valid for a period of up to five years.  After this time the organisation must, in theory, exit the aviation system and apply to re-enter as a new certificate holder.  If your organisation is approaching the end of its certificate period, you should be in contact with the CAA well in advance of your re-certification deadlines.  The Rules stipulate that the complete and acceptable application package should be with the CAA 60 days before the expiry date specified on the existing certificate.

See below for information on becoming a Certificated Regulated Air Cargo Agent, or renewing your Certification, and the documentation and process involved.

Information for Certification

The relevant Civil Aviation Rules:

Advisory Circulars give advice on how to comply with the Rule:

Forms for Certification/Amendment

Forms for Certification/Amendment

Background Checking

Persons carrying out certain cargo security tasks, or who have unaccompanied access to certain areas where cargo that has been subjected to security controls is present, must be authorised in accordance with Rule 109.59. This authorisation process includes the need for a favourable security check determination under Section 77F of the Civil Aviation Act 1990. Security check determinations are undertaken by the Aviation Security Service (AvSec) under delegation from the Director of Civil Aviation.

Application forms for a security check determination are on the AvSec web site:  Details on the application process and costs are in the forms.

Notification Service for Updates to Part 109

The CAA offers a FREE email notification service that will alert you to changes in legislation. While it is your responsibility to make sure all your legislation is up-to-date, this service should assist.

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