Conditions of Use of Medical Certificates

What do the endorsements mean?

The Act provides for conditions, restrictions, or endorsements to be placed on a medical certificate where the safe performance of the applicant's duties is dependant upon compliance with those conditions, restrictions, or endorsements.

In practice such conditions, restrictions, or endorsements will be mainly of an operational nature. What conditions need not be reported?

If a licence holder is aware of, or has reasonable grounds to suspect, any change in his or her medical condition or the existence of any previously undetected medical condition that may interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges to which his or her medical certificate relates, the licence holder

  • Must advise the Director of the changes as soon as practical and:
  • Should not exercise the privileges to which the licence holder's medical certificate relates.

Please also read your obligations under the Civil Aviation Rules, Part 61- Pilot Licences and Ratings (PDF)

A list of minor conditions that do not need reporting will be published later.