Security Information

The CAA sets the regulatory framework for civil aviation security within New Zealand, and provides security policy advice to the Minister of Transport and security advice to industry.

The CAA's Security Regulatory Unit is responsible for regulatory oversight of all civil aviation security matters including investigation of security breaches, and assessment and approval of aviation business's security programmes. It regulates domestic airlines, New Zealand airlines that operate internationally, and foreign carriers that operate regular passenger services from New Zealand. The CAA also conducts security related audits of certificated aerodromes, airlines, air traffic service providers and aviation security service providers. Security advice may also be provided to assist operators of non-certificated aerodromes.

It carries out ongoing reviews and promotes improvements in aviation security.

Security-related enquiries in respect of certification, civil aviation rules requirements and security awareness training assistance may be directed to the Manager Security.

Enquiries relating to airport ID cards and operational matters should be directed to the Aviation Security Service. The Service has offices at each airport with international passenger services.

Airport Security Signs

Airport security sign

To obtain airport security signs, contact Support Services, email:

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Additional Information

Security Rules

Notice of Direction (PDF 1.9 MB) - this notice, issued under Section 77B of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, concerns the screening of crew, passengers, and carry-on baggage. It lists prohibited items.

Notice of Direction - this notice, issued under Section 77B of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, concerns the screening of persons, items, substances or vehicles before they enter, or within,  a security enhanced area.